PATTON launched March 2020 between Manila and Italy, in the midsts of the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, coinciding with the changes that consumer society so desperately needed and needs to see.

Amix of founders names and a Homonym for PATTERN. – “A perfectly designed way of form or action to repeatedly do things.”

Positive daily patterns is what PATTON stands for. Patterns of repetition govern each day, week, year. Personal habits describe the most common of repeated patterns, and these, if positive, are indispensable because they give deliberate structure to our lives.

Patton’s way of life seeks to successfully integrate environmental, economical, social and humanitarian issues into its product offer and business operations. We wade for a better world and better living through practical, simple, conscious and purposeful pattern implementation.

We believe in consciously investing in quality essentials over short-lived and trendy pieces.


Invest in bodysuits you’ll be relying on all-year round.


Function meets fashion. Featuring durable and water resistant material that’s highly adaptable and suitable to these changing times.

Cotton Comfort Wear

Pieces made to easily mix and match with anything in your wardrobe.